Benefits of working for BCH

Working at Banyule Communty Health

Our vision is to operate in partnership with the community promoting resilience, health and wellbeing.

Community health services are located in every local government area in Victoria. There are 100 community health services in Victoria operating from approximately 400 sites. Community Health services are active participants in and contributors to their local communities. This strong connection to communities enables community health services to develop models of care that are responsive to their consumers and reflect the diverse underlying determinants of health. In this way, community health services combine the social model of health with clinical care to maximise outcomes for their consumers.

Banyule Community Health is independently managed. Local communities have the opportunity to elect representatives to boards of management of these services. To be eligible to stand for election or vote in elections you need to become a member of your local community health service.

The community-based model of care supports community capacity building to promote health and wellbeing and encourages consumer participation in service planning, delivery and evaluation. In delivering a community-based model of care, community health services aim to provide a universal service as well as targeted services to particularly disadvantaged populations, such as people with the poorest health and greatest economic and social needs.

Banyule Community Health also provides health services for other population groups that may have trouble accessing appropriate health care. Examples of these groups are Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, refugees and people seeking asylum, the homeless and those at risk of homelessness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and, in some areas, people living in rural communities.

Here is a quick snapshot of our service:

  • 2 sites (Greensborough and West Heidelberg)
  • New facilities with excellent security in West Heidelberg
  • Great locations, easy to access with ample parking
  • $15 Million annual funding
  • 200 employees

Accredited Community Health Care facility by Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation Board
Medical Practice accredited by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited group.
The services we provide include:

  • Clinic and Community Nursing
  • Financial Counselling
  • General Counselling
  • Dentistry
  • School Dental
  • Dietetics
  • Drug & Alcohol Counselling
  • Emergency Relief
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • Health Promotion & Education Programs
  • General Medical Practice and Pharmacotherapy
  • Needle and Syringe Program
  • Occupational Therapy (Paediatric & Adult )
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology
  • Social Work/Carer's Support
  • Speech Pathology (Paediatrics)
  • Early Intervention in Chronic Disease services
  • Women's Health services
  • Gamblers Help services
  • Dual Diagnosis Services (Mental Illness & Drug/Alcohol Issues)
  • Community Legal Service

We are proud of our:
Family friendly environment and flexible working conditions
State of the art systems and equipment provided in the work environment
Strong culture of team work, collaboration and customer service
Best Practice policy and procedures and strong focus on employee professional development
Partnership with Olympic Adult Education at West Heidelberg