We need your help. Looking for 10 men one day a week to help design, build and fly a craft across the Yarra River for the 2016 Birdman Rally.

What we need:

  •  Design skills
  •  Building skills
  •  Flight knowledge
  •  A good sense of humour
  •  Available most Thursdays  from now till March 2016
  •  A passion to help your community

Please contact Rob Patton at Banyule Community Health on rob.patton@bchs.org.au

Or call 9450 2621 and leave a message.


2015-20 Banyule Community Health Strategic Plan

Dear Community Member,

The Banyule Community Health Board of Directors have approved the 2015-20 Banyule Community Health Strategic Plan.  The plan was developed with the support and feedback of the local community, key stakeholders and included staff consultation.  I thank those who took the time to participate and help build a plan for the future.  You will notice that the plan articulates our approach, our history and a definition of good health, as well as clarifying our values.


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