Celebrate Literacy Week 29 August- 4 September 2016

BCH Literacy Treasure Hunt

Monday 29th August - Friday 2nd September 2016
Find all the items on the treasure map to win a book. For children under 7 years old with a health care card.
Competition forms available in the West Heidelberg wait room.

Did you know that talking, listening, reading and writing plays a big role in helping your child:

  • to make friends
  • develop their emotional and physical well being
  • improve at school
  • and access more work choices?

To read and write well, children first need to develop their oral language.  Oral language includes things like understanding what others are saying, having a conversation, telling jokes/stories and it helps with reading and writing later on. 



  • Talk to babies while they are still in Mummy’s tummy –they can hear speech, language, songs and sounds
  • Chat with your child during daily routines e.g. While having breakfast, you can talk about what everyone is eating or about what your child will be doing that day. While shopping, ask your child to find some items on your grocery list or describe the fruit you see “this apple is round and red but this banana is long and yellow”
  • If you are lucky enough to speak a language other than English in your home, encourage your child to use it.  When reading stories, try using each language separately to help your child understand the difference between the two. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed to read a story book– daily reading is known to improve a child’s language by a whole year when they reach Grade Prep
  • Children enjoy making up silly rhyming games and singing nursery rhymes. Rhyming helps with reading and writing.
  • Playing “Eye spy” is fun way to learn about the sounds and spelling e.g. I spy with my little eye something that begins with the sound sssss or the letter ‘s’.
  • Ask us about the playgroups we run at Banyule Community Health.
  • Join the library – it’s fun and free!

For further information visit www.literacyandnumeracy.gov.au