Volunteer Week Celebration 2014

Banyule Community Health honoured its volunteers on Thursday 15th May at morning tea at its West Heidelberg site.  Over 60 people were in attendance to share their stories and experiences as volunteers in the local community.  Jim Pasinis, Banyule Community Health CEO, spoke glowingly about the contribution that volunteers make to Banyule Community Health.  “Volunteers are the backbone of our agency and our community. We must never underestimate their value to creating a healthy and happy community.”  Jim Pasinis also commented on the different ways in which people contribute to society.  “Some people chose to volunteer and care for the community.  This is as valuable, or possibly more valuable than working.”

Volunteers at Banyule Community Health participate in a range of programs and offer skills, knowledge and expertise.  Volunteers are crucial in the programs such as the Banyule Men’s Shed where isolated men are provided an opportunity to meet regularly to  contribute to local community projects, meet new friends and enjoy a relaxing environment.  Men who participate rely heavily on the program which is powered by volunteer effort.

New volunteering program 3081 Angels has also highlighted the capacity of community members to give of their time, contacts and knowledge to support some of our most vulnerable.  The 3081 Angels program supports families struggling with the demands of a new baby and is providing a rewarding volunteering experience for a host of new volunteers for Banyule Community Health.  A series of posters was also launched at the celebration and are at http://www.bchs.org.au/gallery-collections/galleries which highlight the inspiring stories of our volunteers.