Congratulations to Dr Jenny Gowan who received “Pharmacist of the Year” Award

Dr Jenny Gowan who works  closely with our GPs and Practice staff here at BCH on Fridays, has just received a very prestigious honour, being named the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Pharmacist of the Year for 2013 for her work in advancing pharmacy practice and for wide-ranging scope of work to which she constantly brings innovation and new ideas.

Jenny has worked  tireless across the Northern and North East Valley Divisions, particularly the promotion of the Home Medicines Review program and the monthly CPD events for pharmacists, nurses and GPs.  She is widely regarded as a national leader in driving CPD for pharmacists and has conducted countless CPD events including lectures, seminars, workshops and training sessions.

Jenny has said that pharmacy has been good to her and "one of my main enjoyments is inspiring and mentoring pharmacists, young and old, to optimise their potential”, adding, "I have been very fortunate to have worked in many different areas of pharmacy, community and hospital pharmacy, education of interns and CPD at PSA and Monash University, as well as promoting consultant pharmacy. I have a determination to expand the role of the pharmacist from supply of product to supply of services, but this must be integrated with general practice using a team based approach. The aim must be to optimise patient care and practice at a high professional level for pharmacists to be a recognised member of the healthcare team.”



Well done Jenny, we are proud that you have achieved such a high award.

Meni Stefanovski
(On behalf of Management and Practice staff)