Dental Health Week (1-7 August 2016) at BCH

Throughout Dental Health Week 2016 BCH are offering: 

  1. Free dental exam for pregnant ladies (with or without health care card)
  2. Free Dental check up for children
  3. Colouring competition for pre-school aged children - different prizes to be won!
  4. Opportunity to have a photo with our tooth fairy
  5. Show bags to take home

Please feel free to make an appointment at our dental clinic. Don’t  miss the opportunity to have good oral health.

This year dental Health week is focusing on significant ways that hormones can impact a woman’s oral health. A recent survey revealed that many woman are unaware of the significant impact of various life stages on their health of teeth and gums. For instance 54% of females believed that pregnancy has no effect on their teeth while one in five think they don’t need any extra oral health care during this time. The truth is major life events puberty, menstruation, pregnancy as well as menopause dramatically affect the state of woman’s dental health.

Increased production of estrogen and progesterone change the way gums react to plaque leading to more sensitivity, swelling and bleeding.

Some women experience bleeding, sores and ulcers in the lead-up to their period while others may develop temporary gingivitis.

The gums of some women may bleed more easily due to “pregnancy gingivitis” while vomiting from morning sickness can strip away more enamel from your teeth. This is why dentists should be on the list on health professionals that women consult during pregnancy.

Oral health effects including inflamed gums, burning sensations, altered taste sensations and dry mouth. Osteoporosis medications can affect healing after tooth extractions.

Throughout the course of Dental Health Week, women will be encouraged to take a more proactive and preventive approach to their dental health as they’re educated on the ways their teeth, gums and mouth are affected during each of the pivotal phases of their life. And, of course, why they need to see their dentist regularly.

BCH dental practice is heavily involved in Dental Health Week, we are advocating for women’s oral health, having some fun with educational events that will involve our practice staff, patients and the wider community.

We are offering free dental check up for pregnant woman with or without health care card, free first dental check up for children, tooth fairy visits, pre-school aged children colouring competition and lot more...

Please feel free to contact BCH reception on 9450 2000 to book an appointment.