3081 Angels

“Supporting our local children with preloved clothing and goods”

A partnership between Banyule Community Health Centre, Rosanna Baptist Church and the West Heidelberg community.


That no child in West Heidelberg and surrounding areas will be without basic material needs.


3081 Angels will, together with health and community agency partners, support local families in need. It will be community driven by volunteer workers who will collect and distribute donations of quality , preloved goods from other  families in the local area and will empower parents to support their children.


Who are the 3081 Angels?

3081 Angels is a service attached to the Banyule Community Health Centre. It was established in 2012 and is a partnership between Banyule Community Health Centre (auspicing agency) and Rosanna Baptist Church  We are a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation which collects preloved, baby and children's furniture and clothing to give to families in need in West Heidelberg and the surrounding suburbs of  the Banyule local government area.

We do this by:

  • partnering with local welfare services, hospitals and agencies to care for families in need of material aid and support
  • enabling people to donate  their preloved children’s belongings
  • organising volunteers to collect,  process and distribute  the goods  
  • We are motivated by:
  • belief that all children deserve a good start to life
  • recognition that many parents cannot provide the furniture and equipment they need for their children, for a range of long or short term reasons
  • understanding that the crippling pressure of  poverty can be eased through the work of the Angels
  • knowing that most people appreciate the opportunity  to help others who are having a hard time


How are requests for goods made?

3081 Angels work with referrals from agencies – Banyule  Maternal and Child Health Centres  as a priority as well as Mercy and Northern hospitals, Child Protection  Service, Olympic Adult Education and various refuges.  An initial referral needs to come through one of these agencies.  After this, there can be direct communication between the angels and the recipient.


How can you contact us?

To donate or make requests:

          Email:  3081angels@bchs.org.au

To find out what is happening:

          Facebook: 3081 Angels

          Facebook is primarily to enlist volunteer support when needed and to call for specific items


How can you donate?

  1. Check the List of Suitable goods for donation
  2. Email us at 3081angels@bchs.org.au
  3. We will tell you when and where you can deliver the goods


What can you donate? 

All goods must be in very good-excellent condition. Our aim is to give quality items to people. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you would like to receive them as a gift.

We appreciate it when clothing is washed and sized and the bag labelled.


What do we not accept?

We DO NOT accept the following goods for various reasons which include safety standards, limited storage space and health and hygiene issues:

  • stained mattresses
  • pillows
  • single beds
  • cot bumpers
  • soft sided baby carriers
  • large toys
  • large second hand soft toys
  • car seats more than 6 years old or 10 years old in Safe ’n Sound brand and booster cushions
  • cots more than 10 years old
  • second hand baby bottles


For a full list of goods able to be donated, click here.

What do we particularly need this month?

  • Prams
  • Double prams
  • Bassinettes
  • Disposable nappies
  • Bassinette blankets and sheets
  • Cots
  • Cot blankets and sheets
  • Pyjamas and nightwear
  • Prem baby clothing
  • 0000 and 000 clothing
  • Size 3 girls and boys clothes
  • Activity mats with overhead gym-toys

What do we have plenty of and can’t take this month ?

  • Bouncers and rockers
  • Toys, other than activity mats


Checking Equipment

3081 Angels make a real effort to ensure that we only distribute equipment that has been safety checked and is in excellent working order. As the Angels are not selling goods, we are actually not required to check against the safety standards. However we do run checks on all cots, prams and car seats. Electrical equipment is rested and tagged before being given  out.  Please click on the safety checklist links below for reference.

Stroller Safety Regulation Checklist
Pram Safety Regulation Checklist
Folding Cots Checklist
High Chairs Safety Checklist
Secondhand Household Cots Checklist
Keeping Baby Safe - ACCC
Prams and Strollers Product Safetly - ACCC



3081 Angels would not exist without volunteers!  A group of approximately ten people meet every Friday morning 9.30-12.30 at Rosanna Baptist Church to sort, store and pack clothing , toys and other goods. We ask that volunteers commit to regular attendance. This doesn’t mean you have to come every week, but might commit to every second Friday for example.

Other volunteers are drivers who deliver the goods and, when needed, collect donations. They are required to use their own cars for this. There are also some back office jobs, including writing to companies for donations of new items.

All volunteers must be willing to obtain a Police Check and Working with Children Check.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email 3081angels@bchs.org.au


3081 Angels is extremely grateful to the following organisations for their generous grants and donations of cash and in kind

  • Baptcare
  • RACV Foundation 
  • Feed Melbourne
  • Bendigo bank
  • Country Women's Association
  • Nappy Collective
  • The many families who donate the goods they no longer need, to others
  • The volunteer Angels who do the work and make this possible!


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